Personal Privacy Protections

Marine values your privacy. While we need some of our members’ personal information to conduct business, we respect your ability to control access and use of your personal data.

New Account Opening Procedures

Marine complies with federal account opening procedures to help combat money laundering and restrict terrorism funding. To do this, we use an obtain-verify-record process:



We ask for your name, address, date of birth and may ask for other information depending on the products or services you need.


We utilize documents and resources to verify your identity, including driver’s licenses and credit report agencies.


We protect your information both physically and digitally with federally-compliant security and access management.

A partner who respects your privacy…and your goals

At Marine, our approach to helping our members gain financial ownership is the same as our approach to their privacy – clear, with defined steps toward the end goal. If this sounds like a refreshing change from your financial institution experiences, come join us at Marine!