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5 Phrases to Save Money Fast

“I am buying what’s on my grocery list and nothing more.” A shopping list is a great way to save money; however, they aren’t the easiest to stick to. Don’t allow your cravings to be tested with impulse purchases, taking you farther away from your saving goals. Take control of your purchases by creating and

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8 Tips to Help Protect Your Accounts from Fraud

By Marie MacGlashin, Director of Deposit Operations, Marine Credit Union As we roll into the holiday season, it’s important to consistently monitor your accounts for fraudulent activity. Here is some advice to help protect yourself from falling victim to a scam. Spot importers. Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official,


The Importance of Renters Insurance

By TJ Minnehan, District Manager– Fox Valley, Marine Credit Union Renters insurance is often overlooked. It is critical in protecting you and your possessions if an issue arises while renting an apartment or home. Most people will get between $25,000 to $50,000 in coverage depending on the value of their personal possession in the home.


Simple Interest Loans 101

By Jason Kaufman, District Manager – Milwaukee, Marine Credit Union A simple interest loan may be perfect for your financial situation. Here are the facts: On a simple interest loan, the interest is added to your loan each day instead of each month. The more times you pay towards your loan in a month, the


Avoid Becoming a Victim OR Perpetrator of Tax Fraud

By Mary Jo Healey, Market Manager – Des Moines, Marine Credit Union Tax fraud perpetrators provide false statements as material facts, know a statement was untrue or intend to deceive someone, the victim/ Tax fraud victims relied on a false statement or suffered damages as a result of acting on the intentionally false statement. Don’t


GAP Insurance Explained

Many insurance and financial companies offer Guaranteed Asset Protection (or GAP) insurance when you purchase a new or used car. What is GAP insurance? When you are approved for a vehicle loan, the loan balance is often higher than the actual value of the vehicle. If you have an accident, your insurance company may only


Loan Insurance 101

By Mark Klapperich, District Manager – Fond du Lac, Marine Credit Union What is loan insurance? Loan insurance helps prepare for the unexpected. It provides financial support to protect a borrower from unanticipated life events such as death, disability or unemployment. Loan insurance will cover monthly loan payments so they are not missed. It is


GozNym: Protect Yourself Against It and Other Malware

By Michael Carpenter, IT Network / Security Supervisor at Marine Credit Union Online and mobile banking has made our everyday lives easier. We can deposit checks, transfer money and view our balances without having to go into a physical bank location. However like any other online tool, convenience comes with the risks when keeping your


ATTENTION RENTERS: Benefits of Renters Insurance

By Gregg Mashack, Vice President of Mortgage Lending, Marine Credit Union When moving into a rented apartment or a duplex, you should take note of a checklist of items: damages by a previous tenant, locations of fire escapes, alarms and extinguishers. The building you are living in is insured by the landlord, but what about